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Effective machine walking and weight loss support

May 2, 2020

Compared to a gym that requires a lot of strength, aerobic exercise that needs to be continuous or yoga that requires high endurance. Walking is much simpler. Walking is now more modern than walking by machine. But compared to the traditional way, is walking by machine losing weight and how effective?

If theoretically, walking by motor is also a movement that is already active can completely consume energy. Specifically, according to calculations by experts, the human body only starts consuming energy when walking about 2,000 steps. When you reach this beginning you can consume 100 kcal.

Whereas if you want to spend more energy to lose weight quickly, you need to walk more. Usually for weight loss, trainees are often advised to take about 15,000 steps or walk for 45 minutes to get the most effect.

Lợi ích của chạy bộ trên máy tập chạy bộ

In fact, walking by machine with weight loss is no longer dependent on many different factors. The length of the distance and the number of steps are just one of them.

Walking machines are now integrated to count the steps, measure the time and weight that the user consumes. Especially if you want to lose weight, you have to go from at least 110 steps per minute.

You can consult your doctor for your health parameters. Or with a treadmill that lets you enter age and weight in the console. It calculates your target heart rate and your fat burning zone by own. By measuring this you will know a number of reasons why exercise does not work as expected.

To burn fat, you need to reach your maximum heart rate goal and to do that you need to speed up, change the machine tilt. At that time, the treadmill screen shows the heart rate as well as other information. That’s such as how many calories you burned, how much distance you ran.

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