Performance benefits of Yoga in sport

Recently, Yoga become a standard sport which is familiar with our life. It can help your body to be better…

Top sports that give you longer life and better health

There are proofs for that playing sports make us healthier and more flexible. Playing sports can improve the health, and prevent the risk of death.

Which workout is the best choice to practice?

Among the trends worldwide, we have chosen the most favorite workout exercises so that you can find something useful.

Benefits of medicine balls for workout routine and burning fats

There are many exercises to be made for these medicine balls. Just by getting used to them, you can learn a lot about how to keep fit with limited time, as you just have to use a part of the kit for practicing.

Best workout for growth with full science base

This article gives you best advice for best body workout routine. This instruction for such effective workout routine requires only 3 workouts for a week to completely develop your strength and muscles.

A simple workout exercise that helps you build muscle quickly

If you do not want to quit workouts, don’t worry because there are simple exercises like Bodyweight Spiderman to practice at home.

How often should we practice yoga?

Yoga is not difficult and tiring to practice, but we need to have a strict routine to get best the result soon!

The most common questions for yoga newbies

Before joining a yoga class, you will need to read through the answer for these questions.