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April 4, 2020

The kid pose is a common yoga pose for beginners to practice yoga. It is often used as a resting position between periods of practice in yoga class.

Practicing this yoga pose at home will help you stretch your hips, thighs and ankles. The pose gently relaxes the muscles in front of the body while gently stretching the muscles in the back.

This resting posture focuses, calming the trainee’s spirit. It has also become a therapeutic posture to relieve stress.

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Starting from a Japanese sitting position, your thighs should be shoulder width apart, hands on your thighs. Breathe deeply and evenly.

Stretching out your chest, placing your hands in front of your body, slowly bending over the mat. Next, gently place your forehead on the mat.

When done with the head and body with supportive devices, it can also help relieve back and neck pain. Practicing this position regularly will also help you to make your breathing adjustments more conscious.

When the front of the body releases up on the thighs, the ribs and the front abdominal muscles become slightly compressed. This helps deepen the back of the body as the lungs expand behind the body.

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When doing the posture, you should pay attention to keeping the breath slow, long and regular so that the path of the breath through the front and back of the body.

You can also let your arms stretch freely backwards, along the body, palms facing up, shoulders dropped. The baby’s pose is a simple way to calm your mind, slow down your breathing and restore your sense of peace.

Practicing the postures before going to bed can help relieve the anxiety of the day. Practicing in the morning you wake up your body, energizing.

Regularly integrating the posture into your practice will create overall happiness in your mind.

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