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The power of Sankalpa – Everything you need to know about planning in yoga

June 25, 2020

Planning in yoga can be defined as a consciously determined goal ahead of time. In addition to yoga, we often establish intentions. We have a plan when we schedule a meeting, when we talk, or when we enter a restaurant. Even on the subconscious level, our lives are full of arranged expectations.

There are many reasons to make an intention in yoga. Some people use sankalpa in yoga practice to remind themselves of why they stepped onto the mat.

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Others use goals that influence their practice to maintain a certain kind of mood, or to focus more. Some people believe that they intend to bring energy. Let’s explore a few more examples of intent that you can use to better understand what this concept really is.

While there are many reasons and purposes for creating intention. The bottom line is that it needs to support us to step onto the mat with consistency, direction and focus.

In short, a sankalpa is a simple yet powerful tool that supports yoga practice and helps you get the most out of your practice. Setting goals will entail these plans on the mat and into everyday life.


As yoga practitioners, we have witnessed the magical power of practicing yoga to empower. Take advantage of sankalpa to exaggerate this power and optimize your ability to receive. That’s what you want to get after hours of hard training with the carpet.

You can apply the following goals in personal practice, or refer to them for inspiration to set your own goals. And you should remember this. So whatever intention in yoga will can be anything that’s you want. So be creative and concretize it as you wish when you create the intention for your own practice.

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