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October 30, 2019

In the busy life with tons of stress and anxiety, doing exercise and workout plays an important role to get balance mind and body. Workout includes ancient practice which becomes popular with everyone when we were young.

Following improvements of workout, yoga is considered as a new sport for new life with many benefits. This article will discuss about reason why you should use yoga daily instead of normal workout.

FIRST, it can burn calories

Someone thinks that yoga has only stretching practice so it can’t help you to weight loss. It’s completely wrong.

On average, in a hour for yoga class, woman can burn up to 600 calories. This amount is the same as activity for workout at gym or playing sports. Furthermore, estimated from the super expert that woman can lost 6.7 % body fat and 2.3 % for waist size within six weeks with yoga.

SECOND, it is special secret for “yoga body”

The special secret is in the mind-bettering benefits from yoga practice gradually. As a trend, when you are in stress, you usually find the food for comfort. It is one of reason leading to being fatty.

But yoga makes you strange. Yoga helps your mind to get balance by emotion, love as well connection. You are confident to face up with all troubles without claiming or tiredness.

THIRD, you can tone your muscles

Research point that yoga can build strength and flexibility for player’s body. Another way, flexibility is extremely the key to reach strength in body. Yoga is combination between them because it helps lose up all tissues variously to become stronger and more durable.

FOUTH, it is good for your heart

The fact that practicing yoga can help you to avoid heart disease or reduce dangerous level in good form. Since patient with heart disease should be encouraged to be yoga daily.

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