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The way sports make positive effects to people

December 23, 2019

Everyone and every age should play sport as a daily job. It is not a good way to practice your health better. Thanks sports, it connects people closer and closer, even make more positive feeling to our life. This article will continue to discuss top the way sports make positive effects to people.

6/ Helping kids to get more active

According to a report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012, there are more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. The reason is kids lack outside activities. As normal, they only stay at home, watch TV and eat fast food after learning at school.

Thanks to interest with sports, many kids choice to play sports after going to school. These leagues as well campaign related to sports encourage them to join more efficiently. It makes strong power for them to work and play seriously.

Besides helping kids to get more active and healthier, sports also contributes to have other major benefits like mental well-being or increased self-esteem.

7/ Employment Outlook

According to the study of science professor Kevin Kniffin, young people who played high school sports have ability to get a better career outlook and follow it better in the future. When they focus on playing pro sports, they determine which field is suitable to their favorite. Then they are easy to make target or schedule for job. This job can not relate to sports. But sure that sports contributes to build up plan for career.

8/ Achieve better community relations

When you join a sport club, you have opportunity to join community activities. It is a great job to increase responsibility to our community. Almost other sports have the same target to develop and built up our society better and better.

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