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Top 10 sports are good to lose weight

March 23, 2020

Playing sports bring great benefits for health, spirit or fitness. Therefore, doctors advise that we should play at least one sport in our daily lives. If you are losing your weight, which sport is better and more effective. All your confusing will be discussed in this article. We share top 10 sports are good to lose weight.

1/ Swimming

Estimated that one hour of swimming can burn at least 880 calories or more than if you want to use all your energy for swimming. In swimming, you need to combine other skills and other parts like leg, arm or head in your body to move in the water fluently.

In addition, swimming doesn’t require so much complicated skills therefore, you are easy to catch the procedure after one to two months for a training course. Swimming can be practiced in both summer and winter, outdoor and indoor at public swimming pool. It’s convenient to start your losing weight.

2/ Cross skiing

If you plan to lose weight in the winter, cross skiing is one of the best choices. One hour of cross skiing, you can burn 850 calories minimum. Furthermore, this sport makes adventurous and reduce stress because you can breathe the fresh air during your practice.

According to some reports, cross skiing is really good to practice cardio and fat burning. However, it requires professional skills, you should do research about it firstly before deciding join it.

3/ Kickboxing

For some man, kickboxing is one interesting sport to lose weight. On average, in one hour, you can burn 770 calories with kickboxing. This great sport need combining between your arms, shoulders, legs and head to create exercise effectively. Therefore, your body becomes fitness after finishing kickboxing. However, this sport should be instructed by coach to follow correctly poses and styles

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