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Top sports that give you longer life and better health

May 19, 2019

It is estimated that almost 60% American Australian and Europeans, and millions of people worldwide play sports. There are proofs for that playing sports make us healthier and more flexible. A review in 2015 found that our health can be benefited in the long term with some specific sports, which depends on the conditions of every person. Playing sports can improve the health, and prevent the risk of death.

According to a study, there are about 5 million premature death a year caused by insufficient physical activity. In order to reduce the risk of some cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer, WHO recommends the elderly to engage in physical activities for 150 minutes a week or more.

For example, cycling and walking are two of the most basic sports you can take time to do in leisure time or even daily. By doing this, you can prevent the death risk and produce positive benefits for the body. There are indeed so many sports that we can join in, but there are particular names to be seriously considered if you intend to engage in.

The truth is not all kinds of sports affect the health equally. The 2015 review took a look at 26 different sports and found that to boost the function of heart, lose weight, improve metabolism, aerobic capacity and balance, running and football are the most efficient. While football positively helps build muscular, other sports show little evidence for the same influence.

Young Boys And Girls In Football Team With Coach

Respectively, for people joining sports like aerobics, cycling, racquet sports and swimming, there will be a reduction of 27%, 15%, 47% and 28% for the risk of death. Associating in different sports, there are also risks that you can get injuries. However, the possibility varies among sports. Annually, the injury rate in professional athletes is around 6%, but according to experts, up to 50% sport injuries can be prevented. In this case, Sport Medicine Australia in-depth prevention guidelines is a good document to refer to.