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Top the best fitness blogs to follow in 2019

September 17, 2019

As far as you know about the role of yoga, workout and sport for health and spirit, there are many blogs to share stories and tips as avid supporters in your quest for good health.

These blogs become more useful and convenient when you can’t arrange time to go to club or gym. Here is top the best fitness blogs to follow in 2019. It can be a beauty blog or health and fitness blog. They can provide information including real and quality sources from the certified training coaches, nutritionists, therapists until the specialist for health and wellness.

So they are reliable and helpful for your demand about follow the fitness blogs.

1/ Reebok Fitness Blog

If you are finding sporting gear and equipment to start playing any sport, this site is a useful address. It collects enough popular brands of sporting gear in the world for your demand.

In addition, they usually update the latest news on fitness, health and wellness for reader.

2/ Born Fitness

It is a place to solve questions and provide knowledge about health, fitness and nutrition effectively.

By sensitive skills and professional organization, they bank on a pool of fitness experts who can reply and explain health- and fitness-related solutions for every one usefully.

3/ Love Sweat Fitness

The founder of this site is Katie Dunlop. By real experience, she has stories about fitness journey, workout tips, advice on nutrition as well daily motivation for doing exercise hard every day. It seems close and easy to deeply understand her advice.

4/ Carrots ‘N’ Cake

The creator of this site is Tina Haupert. Her purpose is help everyone to find solution and get balance in lives. She gives other advice about nutrition, fitness as well method of practices under various ways.

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