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Yoga exercises help golfer leg muscles more supple

August 29, 2020

Golf is a sport that forces you to have high strength and endurance. Therefore, besides gym exercises, you can look to yoga to practice. The following exercises will help golfer’s ankles and leg muscles more supple.

Start with a quiet, relaxed body, and arms fully extended. You can catch Figure Four Stretch with your right ankle crossed over your left knee, right knee facing the side. To deepen the stretch, you can wrap your arm behind your left knee and gently pull it towards your chest.

Figure Four Stretch helps strengthen ankles and feet muscles. Besides, exercises also help improve spinal pain. To do this exercise, sit with your feet still bent and your arms out in front of you.

Hook your right arm under your left arm, flexing both arms at the elbow. Hands up, arms wrapped around hands, palms pressed together. If this is difficult or inappropriate, just place each hand on the opposite shoulder. Do this for 30 seconds before transferring.

This exercise will strengthen the arms and legs, energize the body, increase stamina for hamstrings, calves, and feet. Since then, it helps golfers to have strong, powerful shots when playing golf.

Then you exhale, push your upper thighs back and stretch your heels up or down to the floor, keeping your knees straight. Hold your outer arm firmly and press your fingers to the floor. Then lift your arms from your wrists to the tops of your shoulders.

This post increases joint flexibility and elasticity of the lumbar spine. Makes the muscles in the legs stronger. You lie on your stomach, hands comfortably on both sides of your body. Exhale and bend your knees, stretching so that your heels are as close to your back as possible, knees are about a distance from the ground.

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