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Yoga, the perfect state of happiness

September 23, 2020

Perfect happiness is achieved when we have a clear sense of our breath. Or you can control it with your thoughts. A true yoga practitioner can impart peace and serenity for you.

These steps to balance are explained very clearly in literature on yoga. There are many schools of yoga, based on different types of yoga.

But they all have in common when understanding the balance between body, mind and soul. It helps to clear conflicts and broaden ideology and self-awareness.

The purpose of yoga is to find yourself. So it is not surprising that enlightened beings have adopted the poses of yoga. The state of full happiness is achieved when we have a clear awareness of our breath, and control it with our thoughts.

A true yoga practitioner can impart peace and serenity for you. But if the yoga instructor gives you expressions of anxiety, anger, or merely focusing on the physical elements of yoga. That’s not a good yoga teacher.

Plus, it would be a big mistake if we just view yoga as a form of exercise. Yoga is a valuable gift of ancient Indian culture, the embodiment of the union between soul and body.

It includes thought and action, restraint and responsiveness, a harmony between man and nature, a full form of direction towards a healthy life. It is not a form of movement but a way of discovering the person within ourselves, the world and nature.

Shuvasri’s father, a yoga expert, says yoga only works when done with altruism and compassion. The teaching of yoga should be based on noble purposes.

Some yoga centers do not clearly explain the benefits of yoga poses. This is not comprehensive teaching. Yoga can help you get in shape and can also help develop muscle groups. For one thing, yoga does not make our muscles muscular.

It is not muscle strength that is important in keeping the body functioning well, but endurance.

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